Some Useful Apps

Just a few useful apps for those moving operations to the Cloud.



The bane of all Cloud moves, or any format change really – file conversions. Cloudconvert is designed to simply do conversions, quickly and simply. There are all the more popular file formats, pdf, DOCX, MOBI … etc. There are also multiple e-book, audio and video formats.

After installation, using CloudConvert is just a matter of right-clicking a file and opening with CloudConvert.


Wappwolf Automator for Google Drives

This looks after file allocation, and proves itself quite useful. Add files to specific folders, have certain folders updated to a Dropbox; it can be set up to work as you wish. It works with many cloud drives, including Amazon, and will happily sync two different clouds, even converting files when necessary.

This app is free if you only have 10 automations and 10 files. Higher levels plans cost from about $8.oo per month and upward.


Pixlr Editor

Edit images in the Cloud, without downloads of need of Photoshop. Mostly for convenience and saving time, but that’s the whole point of a well set up system.



Edit pdf online; merge documents, add images and text. Save it back to pdf or another format, and email it while all in the same app.



Send a fax from the browser window. No fuss, just a better version of what a physical fax will do.