According to a new study by the BSA Australia’s regulation for the Cloud are falling behind.


In 2013 Australia was the second highest ranking global IT economy. As of 2016 it is now 6th. This position in itself is not too bad, but the steadily decreasing trend it a warning. We are still leaders near the top, but other leaders are overtaking us. Japan and Germany are higher on the list.


Upcoming deals may help reverse this trend. The WA government is completely reorganizing its data centres to make a more efficient, more coherent system. And Intel Australia, along with distribution partner Synnex, has announced plans for a great number of Internet of things (IoTs) products and services. These items and services will link to the net to provide greater productivity under increased security, all linked to cloud services.


Because of the daily changes in the cloud system it is hard to follow trends. But that ability to change shows flexibility, which is one of the cloud’s great strengths. Businesses are attracted to the Cloud because of the agility it offers their operations. They don’t know what the future changes will be, but they know there will be flexible options that they can use.


It is hard to stay current when the situation changes so quickly. But this is still an even playing filed as all competitors face the same problems as us. So while it is hard to know what to do to get ahead in a rapidly changing situation it is good to know that the advancements we compete with will be both useful and flexible, whatever they turn out to be.