The good to know non tech Hacks


  • Find ways to sort your cables neatly. Use binder clips to run cables over the edge of desks. Use those little tag from sliced bred to label individual cables. Label power cables so the wrong one isn’t pulled out at some point.
  • Find ways to keep the computer cool, especially if you overclock it. Separate the base of the computer from the desk or any other insulating material with an egg container or wire cooking rack. Use a small fan to circulate air. Find what part of the computer seems to get hot and concentrate on cooling that.
  • Cardboards tubes are great for storing cables that are not always used.
  • Find an old stereo system, second hand stores are full of them, and connect it to your computer. DVD and YouTube are suddenly like mini-theatre.
  • Plenty of devices connect to USBs, and while most are just novelties there are a few you will find Useful. You can cool a soft drink or keep coffee hot, power a work light, keep toes or fingers warm with heated gloves and socks.
  • Get a multi USB hub, for all the gadgets that proved useful.
  • If you are worried about things getting stolen, make them look worthless. People steal laptops and camera equipment, but not pool testing kits. Make your parcel look worthless and it is far less likely to be stolen.
  • Some people worry about their webcam spying on them. Cover it with a post-it note. If you worry about a microphone eavesdropping, put a radio next to it.
  • Bu a refurbish computer cheaply and have it there for general use, like family sending emails or general browsing. Save your new computer for yourself. A refurbished computer that ran window 7 can be updated to windows 10 for free, so you can be quite up to date.
  • Clean your keyboard with the sticky part of a post-it note. Or you can by a tiny novelty USB powered vacuum cleaner for about $10.oo
  • The people at the computer shop have heard virtually every anecdote and trick. Ask them and they will enjoy showing off … I mean sharing their knowledge.