It was first unveiled in September last year (2014), but windows 10 didn’t get its official launch till for the consumer till the end of July 2015. This might seem a long wait, especially in the modern computer world, but the good news is that windows 10 is totally free to users of windows 7 or 8. And there doesn’t appear to be a catch here, if your previous copy of windows is legitimate then the update really is free, no hidden costs. A ‘get windows 10’ icon should be appearing in the lower right of your PC taskbar; you don’t need to search the net for this upgrade, the icon lets you register and download when it your turn.

Actually, calling this operating system an upgrade might be misleading. I think the idea, and the reason for the slow rollout, is that the people behind this new system want to be rid of accumulated fragmentation, the product of various systems and updates varying between machines. As such, Windows 10 is the replacement operating system that’s meant to be the foundation behind all your devices, and its meant to stay that way for as long as possible. The same operating system on smartphones, tablets, office computers and laptops should rid us of many incompatibilities.

Another reason for not calling this an upgrade is that it doesn’t just advance on what Windows 8 did. Windows 7 was better received than Windows 8, or a few other systems for that matter, and people lamented some lost features and changes that came with 8. As such Windows 10 returns us to the start-up menu form the earlier systems, the one people preferred, but with a little influence from 8. The pattern continues with the rest of Windows 10; we return to what was popular with windows 7, add a few things that people actually did like with windows 8, and get the whole thing upgraded into a more coherent system. Kind of like the ‘best of’ or ‘directors cut’ version.

On big question is the internet browser. The internet explorer look to be on its way out, replaced with Microsoft edge. This new browser manages to give both a sparse look and many new features; you can view web pages with just the basic content, and save pages from the net with a single button. Most serious web users I know never cared for explorer, even as it has a huge market share, so this could be the replacement they have been waiting for. Else, they might continue with Chrome or Firefox. Either way, internet explorer no longer seems to be the default standard.

Is there a hidden positive as well? As with all updates and replacements you can look forward to seeing previous technology going for a song. New computers will come with windows 10 already installed, but with a little luck you can probably still get a discounted model with windows 8. As the upgrade is free online you can buy a windows 8 model, immediately download windows 10, and have the latest operating system with a discounted computer. Grab the opportunity while you can.

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