Computer Repairs, Strathfield

Slower computers can result from several factors.

  1. You might well be running too much at once. Yes, computers are designed to multitask. But each task is using resources, and that means less for each individual task. Hence, the whole system slows down. If you need faster performance at a particular time go to the task manager and end any tasks that are running in the background. If you want to permanently speed up your system you need to reconfigure the startup so that the programs do not open automatically each time. Stick to what is nessesary.
    If you run anti-virus software, spyware protection or something similar make sure this is only on when needed. The scanning from these will slow down the computer system, but leaving your computer open to infection is far worse. Use anti-virus software whenever you are online.
  2. Fragmentation. Files take up room on the hard drive. When an old file is deleted the blank space is taken up by new files. Unfortunatly the new files will not be exactly the same size as the old ones. After a while the hard drive has small gaps between files that are shared over several locations. It takes time for the computer to go through all the separate parts of the file you want, making for a slower system.
    To prevent fragmentation simply run the defragmenter about once a month. This reorganises your files into neat, orderly block, allowing the computer to run fast and systematically.
  3. The computer registry is a type of administration section for the computer. If it is loaded down with obsolete information and multiple updates it will end up holding back the computer’s speed. Run registry cleanup to get things back to normal.
  4. Malware, spyware or viruses. The worst thing a computer can suffer from, short of breaking down altogether. Prevention is better than cure, so install anti-virus and anti-spyware programs and run them whenever you are online. An inflected computer can sometime be improved by installing these anti-virus programs; at other times the virus prevent you from installing anything.

For any problem that cannot be fixed by the computer itself or antivirus software try Elite computers, computer repairs Strathfield.